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Big Ones
Mighty Max is in BIG trouble!
Join him in another spine-chilling adventure - IF YOU DARE!

Some of these sets came with a "bonus" figure of classic Norman.
Red text indicates that I own this set.
Frames are the figures and items excluding Normy, Virgil, and Max
(name) is the U.K. release name, if different from American.

Skull Mountain
Mighty Battles the SkullMaster on Skull Mountain

Orange Warmonger
Twin Dragon
King Crab
Rock Monster (B-52's... anyone?)
Rocket Pod

Mighty Max Blasts Magus

Lava Lord
Magmatrak Recon
Lava Beast Cage Guard (The Wave)
Volkan Klaw
Hammerfist Missle-Launching Vehicle
The Flame

Terror Talons
Terror Talons

The Leader
2 Orange Aliens
2 Red Aliens
Big Skeleton
2 Gun Turrets

Dread Star
(Mighty Max Defies the Dread Star)

The Leader
2 Orange Aliens
3 Red Aliens
Big Skeleton
2 Gun Turrets

Dragon Island
Mighty Max Blasts Dragon Island

Blue Cape SkullMaster
Zilard Overlord
Zilard Mutant Warrior
Escape Raft
Lagoon Monster
'Arrow of Death' escape capsule
Dragon Bomb

Skull Master
SkullMaster: Fortress of Evil


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